If you need a micro level soldering job you are in the right place!

We offer Solutions, not just repairs---if we can't fix it - you don't pay:

Paying to look under the hood is never a good feeling.

Kingsport Device Repair is capable of all different types of board repairs. With the most state-of-the-art equipment around, we can offer many services that other local facilities cannot.
Below are a few of the repairs we do on a daily basis, but anything requiring soldering, microsoldering, and hot air reworking are able to be done. We offer discounts for various organizations, including but not limited to education, military, law enforcement, and many more. All you have to do is ask!

When you inform us of what is wrong with your device, We will quote a no fix, no fee solution to the problem.

  • Charging IC Issues (U2/Tristar Replacement)
  • Backlight Repair - (iDevices only & 90 day warranty)
  • Liquid Damage Repair/Data Recovery Only
  • Touch IC Replacement
  • FPC Connectors
  • Diagnostics - FREE
NO FIX = NO CHARGE on all logic board repair.


Touch Disease

The issue causes the phone screens to gradually become unresponsive and a flickering grey bar to appear across the top.



Tristar Replacement

Having an "i-device" not charging or slow charging after a battery replacement and even a new charger port is a typical sign that the Charging IC (integrated circuit) Tristar/U2 has become damaged and has failed.



Backlight Repair

Is the backlight dim or not working? Kingsport Device Repair Can Fix That. (with an appointment).



iPhone & iPad Data

If your phone has been damaged by liquid, moisture, or just died out of the blue – we can get your iPhone data back.


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